Fall 2020 Virtual KPU International Music Festival Registration

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Registration Information

1. Be sure that you have emailed gm@vayafestivals.ca indicating the classes in which you intend to participate. This is to assist the festival organizers to prepare for their workload. If you had registered in the cancelled 2020 KPU Festival and intend to use that registration to take part in this festival, then DO NOT register again. Instead, just sent the email to gm@vayafestivals.ca and the organizers will ensure that you are properly registered in the Fall Festival class.
2. If you are a new participant or if you took part in the Spring Virtual Piano Festival and wish also to take part in the Fall Festival, then please continue with this registration page.

Before clicking on a link below to enroll in a festival class, be sure to have the following information on hand:

  • (if applicable) The name, email address and phone number of the teacher or coach
  • The correct titles of selections (including the Opus, Key, BWV, K, KV numbers if applicable)
  • The composer’s name (first initials and last name e.g. JS Bach)
  • Be sure that you have timed the length of each selection
  • For entries with more than one performer, the full name and, for classes that have age restrictions, age as of December 31, 2019 of each performer
  • Credit Card Payment: the card number, security code, expiration date, cardholder name, and billing address.

Please note:

  • Once you have completed a registration, it is NOT possible to make changes online. Instead, request changes by emailing gm@vayafestivals.ca .
  • Online registrations may be paid by Credit Card only
  • A $3.50 Service Fee will be applied upon checkout.

Registrations are ongoing until sessions fill or the submission deadline for the class has been reached.
Late entries will NOT be accepted.

Harp, Classical Guitar, Woodwinds and Brass: October 1
Voice: October 15
Piano: November 1
Strings and Chamber Groups: November 15

Any registration changes must be made by emailing gm@vayafestivals.ca

Acceptance ​of ​a ​participant’s ​entry ​into ​the KPU ​International Music Festivals ​will ​release ​any ​responsibility ​of ​the ​Festival’s ​Directors, ​Staff ​and ​Volunteers ​from ​any ​claims, ​demands, ​damages, ​actions ​or ​causes ​of ​action ​arising ​out ​of ​or ​in ​consequence ​of ​any ​loss, ​injury ​or ​damage ​to ​any ​participant ​or ​any ​participant’s ​personal ​property ​incurred while ​participating ​in ​the ​KPU ​International Music Festivals. Participants agree to allow the Society to post their video links on their website and Facebook page for promotional purposes.


ADULT CLASSES (19+ Years)YOUTH CLASSES (18 Years & under)
PIANO: CompetitivePIANO: Junior and Advanced Junior
PIANO: Non-CompetitivePIANO: Intermediate and Senior
PIANO: Ensembles and Concertos
HARP and GUITAR: Competitive HARP and GUITAR
HARP and GUITAR: Non-Competitive
SOLO VOICE: Adults & Mixed AgesSOLO VOICE: Junior
SOLO VOICE: Intermediate
STRINGS: Adult Competitive ClassesSTRINGS: Junior and Advanced Junior
STRINGS: Adult Non-Competitive ClassesSTRINGS: Intermediate and Senior
WOODWINDS and BRASS: Adult Competitive ClassesWOODWINDS and BRASS
WOODWINDS and BRASS: Adult Non-Competitive Classes