Thomas Beckman, Vancouver, BC (Composition)

Canadian Music Centre associate composer and violist, Thomas Beckman serves as in-house composer for the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (2015 to present), Festival composer for the Artists for Conservation (2015 – present) and as principal violist of the Prince George Symphony and the Postmodern Camerata. His projects have varied widely from one to another, composing film scores for independent shorts and documentaries to composing concert music for well known groups within the province of BC, such as the Borealis String Quartet, the Vancouver Youth Choir, the Prince George Symphony, the Postmodern Camerata, the Vancouver Symphony and the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra.

Recent concert classical works consist of the ‘St Roch Suite’ premiered by the Prince George Symphony and Jude Neale (March 2019), ‘Flux’ premiered by the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra (April 2019), ‘Tango,’ the ‘Engine Room’ and ‘Quella’ all dedicated to and premiered by the Borealis String Quartet (June 2017, 2018 and 2019), and ‘Life in the Universe’ commissioned by H.R MacMillan Space Centre and newly released on Redshift Records.

In the world of independent film music Thomas has scored well over a dozen soundtracks since 2015 ranging from locally produced documentaries by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network and Karmik Productions to feature action films by Mills’ Productions and Vision Films, including Beyond the Line and Big Foot Country. Thomas also serves as creative director and lead violist of Sons of Granville, developing recordings and music videos of popular music.